Fall 23 October 2018

The warm days and chilly nights of fall are the best! I love the smell of crinkling leaves, combines spewing corn stalk trash, and the sparkling slender of stars with an almost full moon setting in the very early morning.

I love the blue skies and honking geese encouraging each other onward high up against that sky. I love the thick coats coming in on the horses and the warmth of their soft necks on a crisp morning.

Hot cocoa and marshmallows provide a lovely break, soothing the stresses of a long day. I’m totally a fan of shorter days, cooler days, and the tiniest slowing of the fast pace of summer.

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Big Foot Friends 16 October 2018

There’s a great old Girl Scout song: “My friends, my friends are good for me. I like them and they like me. Together we’ll share our juice and bread. We’re so happy when everyone’s fed. My friends, my friends are good for me. I like them and they like me.” Okay, well, we might replace the juice and bread at our age with let’s say, chocolate cake and coffee, but still. 

I transferred my work station up to the mountains yesterday as my best friend since college was here to help her mom through some eye surgery. Side-by-side, we worked on our computers and when the work day was over, we three ladies went to supper and, wait for it, the Big Foot museum. Sitings abound in Colorado, did you know? There was a map and everything. We had a lovely evening playing guitar and singing old camp songs and hymns and just picking up where we left off. Blessing indeed.

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Gift of Friendship 15 October 2018


Do you have friends that are so close, time and distance don’t matter? When you are together, it’s like no time has passed? You can talk to them about anything and they know you well enough that they can hear you and be straight-up honest with you, empathize with you, inspire you, laugh and sing with you, and your life is all the richer because of this incredible blessing.


Everyone needs a friend like this in their life. When your tank is empty, and your fear stands in the way of you becoming your best self or reaching for your dreams or making the most of opportunities that don’t come very often, this friend will walk with you through it. They won’t let you off the hook with your lame excuses, you know, the ones you put on auto-reply with everyone who asks.

If you don’t have a friend like this in your life, maybe you need to reevaluate the way you operate in the world.

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Across Time 10 October 2018


Another short excerpt:

They’d known each other once, some time ago. Finding themselves seated together at a dinner some mutual friends had hosted, they’d enjoyed the evening and that first “getting to know you” over shared conversation and dipping chunks of crusty sourdough bread in the hot cheese fondue.

Over the next months they met for coffee, gone on some walks around the parks, and learned more about each other. She brought him along to a family picnic where he seemed to have a good time with her brothers. And she went with him to the big city for a “fancy” dinner out with his parents and siblings.


Things got serious. And then everything ended. Months passed, and then years. One spring day, she was visiting friends out-of-state and, on a planned outing to a lake, she saw him. What was he doing here?She thought she’d let it all go. He felt a familiar stab in his belly when he met her eyes. They never spoke.

Nine months later, she was fifty miles from home, helping one of her clients organize goals for a next step. In a back corner of the local café, they sat in a booth going over action plans, when the little bell on the door jingled. Their eyes met when she looked up at the sound. Really? Again?

Did she believe in serendipity? She felt a force, gentle, but persistent and continued to ignore it…

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Felago 8 October 2018

It was a deliciously foggy wet Sunday. I borrowed a dragon from the neighbors, so I could fly off to a favorite sandy spot for a picnic lunch. Felago is a bright iridescent blue in the sunshine but turns to a steel gray color in its absence. Wanting to blend in, I dressed in thick flannel-lined grey canvas pants, treated to repel water and topped it with a cable knit woolen sweater and a lined black oil skin.


I’ve borrowed Felago before, the neighbors were not really into him and I think they wished I would just make an offer and take him off their hands, and I might. I packed the leftover ham and beans, still hot in a thermos and some almond butter cookies I’d made and that I knew were a treat for the dragon.


Felago was not large, as dragons go, but he still had to kind of bend down, so I could use his front leg to climb up on his back. Smooth just at the base of his neck behind the joint where his leg joined, I balanced easily as he took off, dancing a few steps and lofting himself into the gray mist.

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Life Coach 4 October 2018


Life coach. Can’t we all use one? The internet says that life coach is supposed to help you reach your full potential. Sweet! A life coach can look at a broad picture objectively. They can work with you to help you figure out what you want and how to get there. Nice!

And then there is accountability. A life coach won’t let you off the hook. You can’t nod and say, “yes, that’s what I want,” and then not follow through. You can’t continue to say you’ll do something and never get around to it because of this, that, or the other thing that’s holding you back. Fear is a powerful brick wall. But knowing that life coach is there and is going to show up and look at progress with you should be motivating.


Do we need a life coach because we’ve lost touch with our own wisdom? Because too many things stop us in our tracks? Are we so afraid of making the wrong decision, choice, or move that we don’t do anything? Because we have no friends close enough to confide our deepest selves too? Have we forgotten how to listen, relate, have communion and walk side-by-side to reach our next milestone?

I don’t know the answers, but I’m all for pairing up as life coaches.

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Heifer Dreams 1 October 2018

Sometimes our dreams are stranger than some story we might write, but at the same time, they can be utterly realistic. I went out to do the chores, which meant in this particular dream, feeding the heifers, checking the stock tank, and feeding the horses. Making sure I hooked the wires back, I walked around the barn to where the horses were in the north pasture. Sliding open my pocket knife, I cut the strings and flung the flakes of hay over the fence. I don’t normally feed this way, but it seemed the right thing to do in the dream.

Then I saw them. Thirty-five heifers (don’t ask me why 35) were running pell-mell for the gate that was open across our road. Now, our yard is not fenced in, nor do we have a gate that opens and closes where you would turn into our yard. But, it turns out that for this dream it was a good thing we did.

All but five of the heifers turned at the gate and ran back through the yard. The other five headed up and into the twist of hills just west of our house. Um, yah, there are no hills there, but they disappeared into them anyway. I stood there by the horses and thought hard about whether or not I’d actually hooked those wires and how much trouble I was going to be in because those five heifers were running wild in the hills. I remember seeing the last one kind of kick up her heels in freedom as she vanished beyond my reach.

In the dream, I went through various scenarios for how I could manage to get them all back in the pasture before my husband got home. I opened a gate into a corral and decided those in the yard would find their way as somehow, I’d already managed to spread some hay in that corral, all while I stood by those horses. Then I decided that a pick-up full of hay and cattle treats would bring those five renegades back to the yard gate begging to get in. Then I woke up, content that I’d done a fine job gathering them all back home.

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